Physiotherapy treats and helps to restore a patient’s mobility, function and well-being.


Our experienced physiotherapist will conduct a comprehensive assessment through a physical examination and a meticulous evaluation of your symptoms. This process may involve advanced diagnostic techniques, including X-ray imaging, to gain a precise understanding of your spinal condition. The gathered insights will then provide us an insight on the condition and assist us with the development of a tailored and effective management plan, aimed at aligning with your wellness objectives optimally.

Benefit of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy helps to improve one's quality of life through a variety of well-planned exercises. By working closely with our physiotherapist, you can have a personalized treatment plan that diagnoses your condition, while also managing pain and preventing any future complications.

Improving overall strength and coordination

Physiotherapy helps to build our core muscles, improve joint and muscle function, which directly helps improve coordination, muscle strength, and posture.

Eliminating or reducing pain

Physiotherapy uses a range of treatment techniques to help restore function and mobility, reduce pain through exercises, and improve quality of life.

Improved posture

Physiotherapy aids in the restoration of mobility and improves your postural health.

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