Our Story

Posture Plus believes in improving your postural health and building a sustainable lifestyle. Posture Plus provides specialized physiotherapy and fitness services focusing on pain management and optimizing 3D spinal posture, functional fitness and well-being.

Our Journey

Welcome to Posture Plus, where your spinal health is our utmost priority. We take pride in having a dedicated physiotherapist who specialises in scoliosis. Our brand story begins with the passion and expertise of our founder, Dr. Soo Peh Yan. As a skilled physiotherapist, Dr. Soo understands the impact that pain and discomfort can have on one’s quality of life. But what sets her apart is her personal journey—an experience that led her to pioneer a unique approach to physiotherapy and pilates.

This experience gave birth to Posture Plus, where the word “posture” represents the clinic’s focus on cultivating good posture, while the “plus” signifies the holistic approach to wellness offered through the integration of pilates as a rehabilitation tool. Through extensive research on core strengthening and rehabilitation, Dr. Soo realised that by integrating pilates as a rehabilitation tool, we could offer our patients a comprehensive approach to wellness that not only relieves pain but also cultivates a balanced mind, body, and spirit. At Posture Plus, we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health, wellness, and posture, because we believe that when your body is aligned, your potential is limitless.


To place the clients at the centre of care, providing quality preventive wellness services, exemplified through integrity, support and teamwork.


To be a world class wellness ecosystem that builds sustainable health for all.

Core Values

We prioritise your wellbeing and position you in the centre of our care
Integrity We do the right thing, all the time.

Teamwork We become stronger, if we do it together.

Support We support your growth and wellness journey.
Excellence We deliver service excellence through growth and innovation.

Meet with Our Team

Dr Soo Peh Yan
Specialist Physiotherapist & Master Pilates Instructor

Dr Soo Peh Yan is our in-house physiotherapist who has worked in UK, UAE & SG with over 13 years of experience. She is also a Pilates instructor in matwork and comprehensive equipment first started in 2008 and certified as an instructor in 2012. She became an instructor trainer and mentor since 2019. She is a Schroth therapist (Schroth best practice & ISST) since 2018.

Pua Pek Ying 

Senior Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor

With Pek Ying's professional expertise and extensive experience of 14 years in Changi General Hospital and is set to make a remarkable impact on our patients' lives. 

With a strong educational background with a postgraduate Master degree of Clinical Therapy (Manipulative Therapy) from Curtin University in Australia, her exceptional skills in assessing individual needs and compassionate approach involves patients' active participation for an enhanced treatment experience.

Janette Teoh Hooi Ting 


Janette is a licensed physiotherapist who is also qualified in Schroth therapy for scoliosis and postural issues. With a strong focus on movement and exercise therapy, she is also passionate about sports injury rehabilitation, emphasizing holistic recovery and injury prevention.

Janette holds a BSc in Physical Therapy from Taiwan Chang Gung University and has gained invaluable clinical experience working in various acute hospitals in Taiwan and private clinic specializing in musculoskeletal issues in Singapore. Her diverse experiences in both Taiwan and Singapore have enriched her perspective, allowing her to approach patient care from different angles.

Chui Chin Tan
Pilates Instructor

Chui Chin Tan is passionate about Pilates and has been practising the method for more than a decade. She is certified in Stott Pilates and also, more recently trained in Rehabilitation Pilates recognised by The Physical Mind Institute (PMI). 

She is keen to share with everyone how Pilates can help attain better posture and movement patterns, strengthen the body and alleviate pains caused by lifestyle habits.

Monica Peh
Senior Sports Therapist

Monica has more than 10 years of generous experience working in spas and clinical settings as a senior massage therapist and used to train junior therapists at her previous workplace.

She has worked with clients who come in with stiffness and strains anywhere along the spine, frozen shoulders, hip tightness and knee pain. She sees athletes for pre-and post- event myofascial releases and recovery conditioning.


Massage Therapist 

Meet Benjamin Lum Wai Feng who specialises in massage therapy. He helps clients overcome neck, back, and flexibility issues, leaving them feeling lighter, more flexible, and rejuvenated. His personalised sessions are designed to address individual needs through his expert touch.

What sets Benjamin apart is not just his technical expertise, but his empathetic and compassionate nature. He takes the time to listen to his clients, understanding their concerns and tailoring each session to meet their unique requirements.Book your session with Benjamin today!

Yilin Yap

Pilates Instructor 

Yilin is formerly immersed in the world of Zumba fitness, she’s now channeling her passion into Pilates. With 25 years of dance experience and certifications in STOTT Pilates, Yilin is dedicated to guiding clients towards their fitness goals safely and effectively.

Yang Shirley

Admin and Marketing Coordinator

Shirley is currently our Somerset branch's administrative and clinic assistant. Shirley fosters relationships with the clientele. She has a positive outlook, is proactive in attending to the requirements of clients, and is responsive to any queries.

Anna Grace

Part-Time Administrative and Clinic Assistant

Anna Grace is currently our Somerset branch's part time administrative and clinic assistant. Anna Grace has plenty of experience with customer service and goes out of her way to asisst the clients.

Our location is at 111 Somerset Road #05-16 Singapore 238164. The clinic is in the office building only accessible by lifts in lobby A. For any enquires, please call/WhatsApp on +65 9457 4757 or email info@postureplus.sg.

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