Postural Screening

Postural screening is a procedure that helps determine the risk assessment for the curvature of the spine.

Postural Screening

Postural screening allows us to understand your rehabilitation needs. Screenings of the spine and posture are crucial for identifying neuro-musculoskeletal disorders before they become significant concerns. This brief screening procedure can identify posture and spinal alignment problems that you were unaware you have before they lead to chronic back or neck pain or injuries.

Benefit of Postural Screening

Postural screenings are used to pinpoint misalignments and stress points that may be causing you pain, aches, and discomfort in various parts of your body or postural misalignment.

Important tool

Postural assessment is an important tool to assess the reasons behind your condition.

Correcting imbalances

Postural assessment allows our physiotherapist to better access and do a detailed evaluation to provide a personalised plan catered for you.

Body awareness

An assessment will bring attention to the habits that are harming your posture.

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