Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure of what to do? Have burning questions? Refer to our FAQ below.

Studio Guidelines

Posture Plus is an eco-friendly studio with sustainability in mind. The studio does not provide any towels, paper receipts or disposable cups for water. Bring your own water bottle or mug to enjoy our water and coffee for FREE. :)

Getting Started

We have rehabilitation and fitness Pilates classes. The focus of Fitness Pilates is about improving overall physical and postural health, rather than for any particular rehabilitation needs. For Rehabilitation Pilates classes, a free postural screen will be carried out and we would check for eligibility and also give tips for the posture based on your condition.

Comfortable and form-fitting clothes are encouraged so that our instructors are able to see your body alignment. Grip socks or regular socks must be worn for hygiene purposes. You will be denied entry if no socks are worn. Kindly note that non-slip socks are mandatory for the reformer class for hygiene purposes and are also available for sale for $10 each for female socks and $12 each for male socks.

Arrive at our studio 15 to 20 minutes before your first class to get changed and ready for class. Please kindly inform your instructor if you have any injuries or physical conditions that the instructor should know of.

Please arrive 30 minutes before class starts for Rehabilitation Pilates classes for your complimentary postural screening.

Minimum age for group classes is 18 years old. For clients younger than 18 and clients 60 years and above, we advise going for our private sessions.

Contact us for more details.

Group Class

"Via our website:
1. Click “Category” from the website navigation menu.
2. Select the class you’d like to attend. Example: Group Rehabilitation Pilates on Reformer (Beginner)
3. Select your preferred instructor and time.
4. Check your email inbox for a confirmation email from ‘"

Fitness Reformer Pilates can help improve and maintain overall physical fitness. The rehabilitation Pilates class focuses on the fundamentals of Pilates and learning to recruit a different group of muscles for gentle strength and conditioning for postural and functional wellness. 

If you have injuries, are pregnant, are concerned about keeping up in a group class, we recommend taking a Private or Duet class with us. Drop us a note to find out more.

Please inform us or rescheduled 12 hours in advance to avoid before charged for the full session.